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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 9 Centralia to North Marysville (137 miles)

2nd to last day!! Started the day with the usual wake up routine and then I drove them to their departure spot for the day. I then visited the Nike Outlet store that I saw yesterday, but it was kind of weak. Too much Lebron James gear, I can't support a player who travels almost every play.
[I got to write this down before I forget to mention it- Zach is on the other bed right now and has been snoring for the past half an hour (he missed the Finals game) and he just did some sleep talking, it kinda scared me. Basically, the dudes are pretty tired.]

I then met up with the guys in a city called Sumner for a lunch break. After the lunch break I had to drive the guys to another spot because they were not allowed on the route they had planned to use because bikes were forbidden. The guys then went into beast mode and rode their bikes for almost the next four hours while I hit up the really nice Gold's Gym in Kirkland, which is a little east of Seattle. During the work-out I remembered that I had a friend from Notre Dame that lived near Seattle so I got in contact with her (Didi) and she was in Kirkland at that time (coincidence? I Think not). So, we got to hang out for a little bit which I enjoyed a lot. I am tired of hanging out with Zach and Dad!! (haha just kidding). Shout out to Didi who said she would read this! The guys then met up with us in Kirkland where they stopped for another break. After chatting a little bit with Didi they took off and I left to find the next spot for a break. Luckily I left Kirkland right during Seattle rush hour so I got traffic everywhere, it was horrible. I am pretty sure my dad and Zach were going faster on their bikes then I was in the car. Eventually I got to Snohomish and waited for the guys to show up for the last break of the day. The guys showed up, snacked, rested a little bit, and then left for the final stretch. I got tired just looking at the guys (second-hand exercise didn't work this time though either). I went ahead to check into the last hotel of the trip in Mt. Vernon, it was a very emotional check-in. I then ended up driving back to North Marysville to pick the guys up. The team decided to take a mulligan and drive to Mt. Vernon where they will start tomorrow (I think they have earned the break).

The guys said that their legs felt great during the ride, the weather was outstanding, and it was neat to see some of the Seattle area scenery (The big pic above, it was taken on bridge over Lake Washington). However, they also added that they are more tired than the rowers from Ben Hur who went ramming speed!!! and Rocky at the end of the first movie. After chatting about the day, dad went and picked up pizza for dinner and we watched the Lakers squeeze out a lucky victory. (Damn you Derek Fisher, you're too clutch. But at the same time - come on Ray Allen and Paul Pierce!! Get your act together...jeeze.) The whole team is definitely ready to get to the destination and relax. So, wish the guys luck for the final trek tomorrow and keep them in your prayers. Finally - Thanks for following the blog and for all the support. I never expected so many people to actually read this. It was a pleasant surprise to find out people are reading and commenting.


  1. Well don't I sound like a stalker! I hope you guys are having fun. See you on the way back?

  2. It's been a joy to follow the blog and to feel like I have somehow been a part of this amazing and noble endeavor even though I am writing this in the safety and security of my bed with iPhone in hand. A guilty pleasure to be sure! What a great job you have all done. May this be your best day yet! Lori Terra