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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 7- Eugene to Portland (117 miles)

Dad is desperate to become a celebrity so he wants to write today's blog-

I (Dad/Ralph)woke up from the best nights sleep at Dan and Melissa's. They treated all of us like kings from the moment we arrived to when we left! This morning Dan made custom made omelets for each of us while Melissa made home-made Banana Bread (very, very yummy). While Dan was making omelets I had the chance to have a deep conversation with Hagen. He wanted to know where I was going, and being a smarty, I told him I was going north to the North Pole. Of course, he asked if I could ask Santa for a "pirate telescope".

We started to get ready for the day and as we were packing it started to rain and it continued to rain for most of the day. Which leads me to the real reason for my portion of the blog. To this point I've thouroughly enjoyed my son John's blog, every time I read the daily blog I see that John has a gift with his writings and his humor. But, John hasn't had the chance to sit in the saddle and with that I have the following good and bad list:

Good list first:

1. It's been great to ride with Zach. I've gotten to share this trip with him and rely on him to carry me many times. For example when we were climbing the last (3) miles of the Cascades over to Ashland, Oregon I needed Zach to take the lead and set the pace, or I wouldn't have made it over the top. It's nice to see Zach growing up into a young man.

2. The wind. For the most part (with the exception of the first day) we have had either light wind or the wind has been at our backs (when you're riding into the wind you have to work that much harder to get to the end of the day and visa vera).

3. John. John's been at our beck and call. When our bike broke down during a rain storm near Dunsmuir John picked up the bike, gave us the backup bike and drove to Redding. He had the bike fixed and back to ride within (2) hours. And that's the dedication he has had with everything related to our adventure.

Bad List:

1. The saddle. Sitting on that seat hour after hour leaves you with a sore bottom and blisters. Everyday before I ride I have to apply new band-aides on my bottom and "bottom butter" to keep everything sliding on the saddle.

2. The rain. Both Zach and I have waterproof caps over our helmets, waterproof jackets, waterproof pants, waterproof booties over our shoes, and fenders for our bike (you get the idea). But hour after hour in the rain, the water seeps in and we not only get wet but sweat a lot because of our gear. And wind is a lot like rain, it slows you down, and seems to slow down time (depressing).

3. Aches and pains. After riding (7) days my right knee has hurt for the last (4) days and I think I've strained a tendon in my left leg. I've iced up my legs nightly and twice a day when I stop for break and during lunch. Zach has done the same.

I'm very glad we're doing this ride. It's been fun watching the boys interact and it's great to have done this adventure but I don't think I'll try this long of a bike ride again. Three days left and counting!!! I look forward to finishing and getting to the Lummi reservation and meeting my family on Thursday.

Best to all:)


  1. Dude'er there... three days is nothing compared to the many days you will have to reflect on this trek for family you started two months ago...most people that dont know you would not even understand the motivation for this mission.I can atest family is evrything to shows every day... keep up the good fight.. look at all the FIRSTS this adventure has afforded you...and in closeing I would like to say that your butt will heal and it would be an honor and a pleasure to peddle with anywhere ... anytime before your knee heals hang in there JJD

  2. Ralph, there are many that will be given a chance to do what the Lord has planned because of you and your family. You are not only raising money for education but you are also reminding us of the true meaning of love. Thank you!

  3. Hi Ralph,
    I think what you are doing is incredible. Hang in there. It is very similiar to running a marathon. Just get through the next mile then the next and pretty soon you will be done. I will be praying for sunshine.

  4. Can we have jOHN back ?

  5. I think of you and Zach often and can't wait to read the blog when you have completed the ride and have reunited with the rest of your family. What a wonderful moment it will be! And just imagine how many wonderful moments you are giving to others through the scholarships. What you are doing is truly a labor of love. Lori Terra

  6. Hi Uncle Ralph, Zach, and John! I am SO enjoying reading this blog. I have a couple of pointers for you guys... First of-
    boudreaux's butt paste. It's an amazing barrier. Not only will it heal but it will also protect. You can find it at any drug store in the baby aisle. Seriously, I am not joking. Number 2... most drug stores or natural stores have Arnica cream... rub it on sore muscles before and after your ride. Pain relief that will help. OK... that's enough from hippie dippie Geneen!!! Way to go guys!!! Our prayers are with you!